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Cargill Nutrition Cloud


Cargill Nutrition Cloud

Cargill Nutrition Cloud

Gain efficiency and confidence while ensuring predictable pig performance and economic returns.

The Cargill Nutrition Cloud is a cloud-based nutrition platform that maximizes your profitability and optimizes your nutrition by creating efficiencies in the ingredient and nutrient supply chain. This connected, dynamic approach rewards you by uncovering cost savings that might be left behind in the management chain. The Cargill Nutrition Cloud is a self-serve way to access some key insights from our proprietary Cargill Nutrition System.

Work with your Cargill Animal Nutrition representative to take advantage of the Cargill Nutrition Cloud digital capabilities.


The right tools make life easier

With multiple easy-to-use digital capabilities on one platform, Cargill Nutrition Cloud helps you gain efficiency and confidence as well as predictable pig performance and economic returns.

  • Nutrient Analysis: Understand your nutrient levels
  • Supplier Selection: Compare ingredient suppliers
  • Diet Design & Optimization: Formulate diets based off economic and space limitations
  • Producer Profitability: Plan for optimum harvest weights by connecting your marketing with current and future production costs and revenues
  • Swine Report Dashboard: Real-time insights into your production data

Cargill Nutrition Cloud

Nutrient Analysis

Understanding the nutrient levels in your ingredients is the first step in the process. Manage samples, improve ingredient quality, and reduce ingredient costs by having confidence in your nutrients.


Nutrient Analysis Tool Advantages:

  • Software to manage sampling 
  • Understanding of nutrient trends of ingredients 
  • Nutrients connected to formulation systems 


Corn Distiller Grain Variability

CNC nutrient analysis

Supplier Selection

Determine the best suppliers for your specific needs by comparing cost and ingredient variability in your area.


Added Benefits:

  • Analysis to show relative value of different suppliers of an ingredient specific to your diet and freight 
  • Purchase ingredients with the required nutrients at the right price
  • Run and adjust scenarios based on market volatility
  • Automate the supplier selection evaluation to make the process easier and eliminate potential for errors

Corn Distiller Grain Variability Among Suppliers

CNC supplier selection chart

Diet Design & Optimization

With deep insights on your available nutrients - not just ingredients - we can work with you to design and optimize the best diet for your system.


Added Benefits:

  • Utilizes our pork MAX modeling software to connect your diet to projected performance
  • Gives you the ability to build scenarios for deciding the best economic options
  • Offers dynamic nutrition solutions for highest profit


Summer Diet Strategy Example

CNC diet design optimization chart

Producer Profitability

You can customize this revenue optimization and economic outlook tool based on your system’s needs. It helps you understand optimum weight and connects your marketing with current and future production costs and revenues.


Use this Digital Tool to:

  • Dial in a 12-month outlook on the cost of production and profitability

  • Determine optimum finishing weight for best profit

  • Better forecast profit or predict future prices with “what-if” scenarios


Profitability Snapshot

CNC producer profitibility

Swine Report Dashboards

Clear, easy-to-access data helps you make decisions quickly and confidently. Cargill’s Swine Report Dashboards are simple, yet powerful, real-time dashboards. Important data gets visualized. You see snapshots of your current production performance.


The Swine Report Dashboards:

  • Are available for sows or nursery and finishing pig flows

  • Connect to your current record-keeping service

  • Are easily shared with others inside your business as well as outside support team, giving everyone real-time access to animal performance and nutrition decisions


Wean to Finish Closeout Example

CNC Dashboard

Learn more about how to work with a Cargill Animal Nutrition representative to take advantage of the Cargill Nutrition Cloud digital tools.