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Cargill Animal Nutrition

Because there’s more to solving problems than better nutrition alone

Expertise. Fresh ideas. More confidence that what you’re doing is going to work.

If that’s what you could use right now, Cargill is built to help. We take a holistic approach to solving problems. We uncover hidden opportunities. We show you a path to better profitability. Concerns about nutrition can’t always be solved with more data and better diets. Sometimes, what an expert really needs is more expertise. Ask us how we can help you build the best possible version of your business.

Dairy Solutions

Increase herd performance, get calves off to a great start, and gain more confidence to manage business risk.



Pork Solutions

Solve more problems through integrated nutrition expertise, leading technology and hands-on guidance.


Beef Solutions

Integrate technology and expertise with your business opportunities, and build a program tailored to you.



Poultry Solutions

Take precision – and business growth – to another level with solutions tailored to broiler, layer and turkey production.


Meet MAX!

Your Cargill Consultant's Upgraded Sidekick

Get more with MAX through the ability to:

  • Feed for maximum profitability
  • React with real-time feedback
  • Create predictable performance

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Meet Max
Right Now Mineral Lander Image

Grass changes with the seasons.

Shouldn't your mineral?

Right Now®  minerals are formulated to allow you to match the mineral feeding program to the growing seasons, forage conditions and nutritional needs of your cattle. This program supports healthy weaning rates, heavier calves, and reduced feed costs.

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AGE gives you an advantage.

Cargill’s Nurture™ program adapts to the changing needs of pigs based on their age, not their weight.

Getting the right nutrition at the right time is the age-approach to diet formulation for nursery pigs. At Cargill, we integrate nutrition expertise, a focus on age and industry-leading technology to help you get more live and healthier pigs through the nursery phase. 

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Feed in hands

Partnership offers high-performance enzyme solutions

Cargill and BASF expand partnership to the U.S.

Together the two companies are committed to bringing innovative enzyme solutions to the market, generating distinctive value for animal feed customers.  By combining the enzyme research and development strengths of BASF with Cargill's know-how in application and broad market reach, the partners will form a joint innovation pipeline for animal producers.

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Cargill has more than 120 years of experience in animal nutrition solutions. We come to work every day to research, innovate and create solutions that enable you and your customers to succeed.