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Expertise for the Expert in You. 

Because even when you know the answer, you can't always get there alone.  

From forage to calf health and milking to employee management, you face challenges daily. These hurdles do not have to be cleared alone.

Whether you rely on a team of people, a couple of farm hands or just your own two hands, you can always tap into the expertise at Cargill.  

Do you need fresh ideas to increase the performance of your herd? Proven ways to get calves off to a great start and a healthy, productive life? More confidence to manage business risk? When you combine all that you know with the hands-on guidance we bring, you can reach higher profitability and productivity goals — and build your best dairy. 


Building Your Best Dairy

Applied Nutrition

Optimize for profitability by building more than a ration. Tap into our expertise and Dairy MAX system to gain insights into which nutrients your ingredients have to offer and what your calves, heifers and cows need to perform. We match those together at the right cost for your farm and goals.


Feed & Herd Management

Feed and herd expertise beyond nutrition and diet formulation – that’s what you get from Cargill. We take a holistic approach to supporting your cows and bottom line, helping you manage feed and forage inventory and providing innovative tools for feed ordering and feed and forage management. We position you to maximize feed and whole-herd performance.



Performance Technologies

Support performance and profitability throughout your dairy with Cargill’s researched-backed feed additives. Proven in the field, our additive technologies help you to make cost-effective refinements and achieve desired responses throughout your entire herd. Even as margins vary and milk and feed prices move, your goals can remain in reach.


Profitability Tools

Make critical decisions quickly, discover better answers throughout your system, and adapt to achieve your profitability goals using our profitability tools. It’s not easy to thrive in business, especially with so much variability, but it’s more than possible. We can help you meet your profitability goals.



Meet MAX!

Your Cargill Consultant's Upgraded Sidekick

Get more with MAX through the ability to:

  • Feed for maximum profitability
  • React with real-time feedback
  • Create predictable performance

Learn More About MAX

Meet Max
Dairy Calf

Grow with HerdFirst®

Precisely balanced milk replacers and additives to help her reach new heights

Efficient growth isn’t achieved by simply focusing on crude proteins. It takes a perfect balance. 

Learn More About HerdFirst


Dairy X Beef Approach

A smart strategy that combines the knowledge of your Cargill Dairy Focus Consultant and their Cargill Beef Nutrition counterpart to feed a custom formulation specifically designed to keep your dairy origin beef animals healthy and gaining. 

Learn More About UpGrade

Cargill Field Reps in pasture
Standing inside a barn

What is a Farm Emergency?

A farm emergency can be many things, most of which you don't expect to happen. Creating and communicating an emergency action plan for your farm could save lives if the unexpected does happen.


More Expertise to Support Your Dairy

Promote® I.C.E.® Plus

The summer heat will be here before you know it. And decreases in dry matter intake and milk production usually follow. Lose less in the heat with Promote I.C.E. Plus.


Giving Back is "Dairy" Good!

The De Saegher family is always seeking to be a helpful hand in their community, finding new ways to be innovative in the dairy industry, and bringing their dreams to life. Cargill is lucky to work alongside them and reach higher every day.