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Re-Think Sow Nutrition in the Summer

Heat in the summer months can have a big impact on gilts and sows, says Dr. Erin Holmes, a swine nutritionist for Cargill. She offers tips for maintaining sow condition during lactation when heat stress can be an issue.


Manage E. coli in the nursery

The bacterial disease caused by pathogenic Escherichia coli (E. coli) has made a resurgence in US nurseries. Three swine nutritionists discuss E. coli and some of the strategies producers can use to manage the infection.


Performance And Profitability With The Nurture Program

Cargill's Nurture program is designed to be flexible and fit to the specifications of your business.


Focus on economics to help guide sustainability

Focusing on the economic sustainability of your operation can help you make sound decisions on how to effectively utilize environmental and social resources. Here are some ways to accomplish that goal.


It's all about the nutrients

Cash flow and herd health are frequently two competing factors on any dairy farm. Maple View Farms has found success through managing feed down to the nutrient level with the help of dairy MAX.


I want to know how efficiently my capital is working

Dairy farming can be a great lifestyle and business when the two go hand-in-hand like they now do at Brigeen Farms in Turner, Maine. Cargill and dairy MAX™ helped the cows and capital work harder.  


Can your barns handle winter weather?

Cold winter weather brings the challenge of keeping livestock safe, warm and comfortable. Two Cargill production support specialists provide valuable tips for making sure you’ve covered all the bases in terms of winterizing your barns.


Don’t overlook water quality

Water is the most important nutrient pigs receive, so producers need to ensure the water in their barns is good quality, properly delivered, and available to all pigs. Listen to what two Cargill production experts have to say about taking water samples and alleviating issues.


The Why and How for Balancing Amino Acids

Feeding excess protein is expensive. If we aren't balancing amino acids with the necessary energy for growth, we risk wasting protein in the diet.


10 New Ways to Help Your Calves Thrive

A new year opens the door to new opportunities for your young animal program.


Giving Back is "Dairy" Good!

The De Saegher family is always seeking to be a helpful hand in their community, finding new ways to be innovative in the dairy industry, and bringing their dreams to life. Cargill is lucky to work alongside them and reach higher every day.


Are you listening to your data?

Data insights allow producers to make more informed business and management decisions, and much of the data is already being collected. Dusty Abney, Beef Technical Specialist / Cargill Animal Nutrition gives his recommendations on data collection and usage for producers. 

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