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Cargill Animal Nutrition Pork Solutions

We know what it means to do this every day.

And we promise you won't have to do it alone. We're ready to put in the time it takes to understand your challenges and ask the hard questions. To step onto your pork operation and prove ourselves every day through our nutrition, health, and business solutions. Because this is right where we belong.

Building Your Best Pork System

Nutrient Optimization

As you work to formulate the right diet at the right price to achieve your system goals, it’s vital to understand the nutrients you are feeding throughout your flows. The Cargill Nutrition System helps analyze the nutrients in your ingredients to help you find the right supplier for your operation.  



Applied Nutrition

How do you develop feeding strategies and build the best diets? Knowing what your system needs are and identify performance potential. We use scenario forecasting to optimize diet strategies and estimate system profitability. With Cargill, you get experience, research expertise and advanced formulation systems.



Feed & Farm Management

At Cargill, our expertise extends beyond nutrition and diet formulation. We offer an end-to-end solution for improving pork system performance and profitability. We can help you with support to keep your mills running at peak performance and solutions such as feed additives to maximize feed and animal performance.



Profitability Tools

When margins are razor thin, staying profitable means counting pennies. That’s hard to do when ingredient markets and costs can change at a moment’s notice. Cargill can help you find solutions and make modifications to your system in real-time to help you achieve your profitability goals.



Young Animal Nutrition

You don't have to navigate nursery health alone.

Our young animal portfolio includes: 

  • Nurture®  
  • Custom Offerings
  • Additives
  • Ingredients 

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Swine production on island

CNC Preview Image

The Cargill Nutrition Cloud is a cloud-based nutrition platform that maximizes your profitability and optimizes your nutrition by creating efficiencies in the ingredient and nutrient supply chain. This connected, dynamic approach rewards you by uncovering cost savings that might be left behind in the management chain.


Cargill Nutrition Cloud

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Sharing our Expertise

Precision Pork Podcast

Listen to our monthly podcast with Feedstuffs for insights on market trends and ways to bring more precision to your pork business.


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Remain steady when sampling for mycotoxins

It’s hard to pinpoint the risk of mycotoxins if sampling procedures are inadequate. Two Cargill Animal Nutrition swine nutritionists offer tips for assessing risks and formulating rations based on the more than 60,000 samples analyzed each year at the company’s central laboratory in Elk River, MN.