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This Is Your Cargill Animal Nutrition.

This isn't just nutrition. 

This is performance, health and nutrition working together, so your most productive days are yet to come. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, but now that we’re bringing performance, health and nutrition together, we can support you for what comes next. Let us help you optimize your poultry operation today and elevate performance tomorrow. For your flock, for your operation, and for the future of our industry.

Insights, Services and Products to Support Your Poultry Business

Feed, Premix and Ingredients

Products and solutions to help customers confidently make the best business decisions that deliver performance.




A robust portfolio of feed additives that deliver custom-designed solutions to support maximized bird performance and profitability.



Nutrition and Technical Services

An integrated team model provides consulting nutrition solutions as well as nutrition and health solutions and operational expertise.



Digital Solutions

Solutions that monitor, track performance and offer benchmarking to provide innovative solutions for improving efficiencies.



Poultry Additives

Delivering Additive Solutions

Nutrition needs of poultry are constantly evolving. Feed additives are important tools to support animal health, performance, and well-being.

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Optimizing Your Nutrition

Imagine how an immediate, global view of nutrient variability would enhance your confidence in your nutrition program and decision-making abilities. The Cargill Nutrition System (CNS) provides your system with a thorough understanding of ingredient nutrient profiles, enabling you to feed the right nutrients at the right time and right cost. 

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Sharing Our Expertise

Enhancing Poultry Nutrition with Postbiotics

From boosting body weight and optimizing feed conversion in broilers, to elevating egg yield and quality in layers and breeders, postbiotic formulations enhance poultry production. Listen as Dr. Vivek Kuttappan delves deep into the world of postbiotics and elucidates their myriad benefits for poultry.


Meet Our Poultry Team

Our team shares a passion for nutrition solutions and helping our customers build their best poultry systems. Get to know our team and how we can help.


Maximizing efficiency with enzymes

Enzymes play an essential role in maximizing nutrient absorption and optimizing feed efficiency. Listen as Dr. Rob Payne shares his extensive experience and insights on the impact of enzymes on feed additive and explores the advancements and applications of enzymes in poultry nutrition.