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Cargill Nutrition System


Cargill Nutrition System

Cargill Nutrition System

Connecting nutrient supply to animal nutrient demand

The Cargill Nutrition System connects nutrient supply with animal nutrient demand to formulate diets.

Imagine taking all of the available knowledge about the nutrient demands of animals — what they need to grow and to be healthy and sustainable — and combine it with the knowledge we have about raw materials used to feed those animals. Now, take the power of that knowledge and use it to design precise diets and products for your operation and you’ve got the Cargill Nutrition System.  


In its simplest form, Cargill Nutrition System connects available nutrients to the animal’s nutritional demands and then helps to formulate diets.

  • Cargill Animal Nutrition customers can access Cargill Nutrition System via digital tools of Cargill Nutrition Cloud and/or our consulting services, for all species.

  • Cargill Nutrition System is the engine behind everything nutrition-related that Cargill Animal Nutrition does for you.

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How the Cargill Nutrition System Difference Helps You

The Cargill Nutrition System provides real-time insight on nutrient variations and their effects on diets. It ensures you know everything you need to know to find the best possible combination of nutrition quality and cost. Our models don’t just focus on ingredients; they focus on nutrient measurement. Nothing else comes close to helping you refine nutrient accuracy.  

Ingredient nutrient variability is something you deal with every day. But accounting for it using averages risks under- or over-formulating your diet – which means either you waste ingredients or your animals don’t get the right nutrients to perform at their best. Cargill Nutrition System allows you to design diets with the highest possible precision. Unlike other static systems, Cargill Nutrition System is updated several times per year. We test more samples than any other system, and we invest in local markets through global research, so you never have to settle for “good enough.”  

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Understanding Nutrients

Understanding Nutrients Understanding Nutrients:

Increase Your Nutrient Confidence 

Ingredients are not nutrients and ingredient nutrient levels vary. The key to more predictable nutrient outcomes and capturing dollars is understanding and adjusting nutrient levels as they change. And, the only way to know what nutrient levels are in your ingredients is to test. Our Elk River Global Innovation Center tests approximately 130,000 ingredient samples each year using wet chemistry, benchtop NIR or handheld NIR. Combined with connected ingredient data from around the world, it is a robust ingredient database like no other.

Expanding Nutrient Precision

Expanding Nutrient Precision

Expanding Nutrient Precision:

Ensure Predictable Outcomes 

Cargill Nutrition System gives you more detailed insights so you can predict better performance, a better return on your investment, and sustainable production. More precise insights come from our proprietary tools, such as AutoCalc, which expands nutrient profiles to amino acids, net energy, digestible phosphorus and more. 

Selecting Highest Value Suppliers

Selecting Highest Value Suppliers

Selecting Highest Value Suppliers:

Buy from the Suppliers Best for You

Ingredients and nutrient levels from your supplier change over time, and unfortunately, that variability is often worse than we assume. To optimize animal performance and cost, you need to know what you are getting with every delivery. Cargill Nutrition System ensures you purchase from the best supplier on a nutrient basis, accounting for your system’s specific variables.

Optimizing Diet Strategy

Optimizing Diet Strategy

Optimizing Diet Strategy:

Ensure Your Current Diet Strategy is Meeting Your Goals

Market volatility doesn’t follow a calendar so updating diets by season may not be good enough With the Cargill Nutrition System, you can match diets to current and forecasted economic conditions. And if you use it with Cargill’s MAX platform you can leverage the power of Cargill Nutrition System to help make the best decisions in diet formulation, profitability, production, and nutrition. 

Formulating for Best Cost

Formulating for Best Cost

Formulating for Best Cost:

Methodically Fine-Tune Your Diets

Margins are too tight to miss opportunities for improvement. Together with our formulation team to support you, we use the Cargill Nutrition System to ensure you capture nutrients and pricing variability, so formulations can be accurately formulated in real-time. 

Maximizing Profit


Maximizing Profit:

Tools to Monitor Performance and Profitability

Optimizing profits starts by connecting ingredient and diet decisions with optimal marketing strategies. Cargill Nutrition System can help you understand the profit outlook and help determine your end goals. Because nothing else matters if you aren’t maximizing profit to sustain your business.  

Supporting Wellness and Sustainability

By uncovering new and unconventional raw materials that can be used as other materials become limited, the Cargill Nutrition System helps you reduce waste, enabling animals to grow more by using less. 


It shapes new sustainability metrics, making it easier to track carbon footprints and water usage. 



A Look at the Numbers Behind the Expertise

Animal production experts who need additional expertise can turn to Cargill with confidence.

On top of the experts working side-by-side with you, we bring the digital tools that move the insights into action. We have the means to bring all of this directly to you. 

Our team of experienced nutrition consultants is backed by six global innovation centers and more than 500 nutrition science professionals. We test more than 3 million samples annually and have nearly 600 instruments connected across the globe measuring 13 million nutrients. Additionally, we conduct more than 1.5 million wet chemistry tests annually.  

On top of the experts working side-by-side with you, we bring the digital tools that move the insights into action. We have the means to bring all of this directly to you.  


Learn more about accessing our connected, dynamic systems through Cargill Nutrition Cloud, or contact us to set up a meeting.