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What is a Farm Emergency?

A farm emergency can be many different things, most of which you don’t expect to happen. Accidents, fires, natural disasters, and severe weather all can constitute a farm emergency. It’s important to plan for even the most unexpected circumstances. Creating and communicating an emergency action plan for your farm could save lives if the unexpected does happen.

The most important step in creating any type of emergency action plan is communication. Everyone on your farm: family members, employees, should be involved. Also contact your local emergency services like the sheriff, fire department, and ambulance service to help you think through what they would need in an emergency.

What to consider (University of Minnesota Extension):

  • Communication is key to preparing any type of emergency action plan for your farm.
  • Create maps and lists of access routes, buildings, inventories, and other important locations.
  • A full emergency contact list should be available to everyone on the farm.
  • Work with your insurance provider to review plans and determine what emergency supplies you may need.
  • Compose action plans for several possible farm emergencies and go over them with employees and family.

Cargill has partnered with the National Dairy FARM Program – Farmers Assuring Responsible Management –  to help dairy farmers identify safety opportunities specific to their own operations through our online Actionable Safety Review Tool.