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What's the power of MAX?

Think about the last time you made a critical decision for your farm? It’s probably recent enough that you know the exact challenge and specific solution you chose. Each day, dairy farmers make critical decisions related to their farm’s profitability, nutrition, animal health, and more.

Now think about how you came to your specific solution. Did you have choices? Were you confident? How much time did you have to spend sorting through data and research until you ultimately made your choice?

For these moments a Cargill consultant can use dairy MAX, our upgraded and powerful nutrition software solution with advanced technology to gather insights and make critical decisions easier.

How MAX Works

First, your consultant feeds MAX an absolute mountain of data about your dairy. It starts with a deep analysis of nutrition information, like available on-farm forages, lab test analysis results, and herd production.

MAX also…

  • Examines the science of what’s happening inside your cows, from rumen pH to manure starch content, to optimize for profitable performance.
  • Digs all the way down into physical inputs, like particle length and density, processing score, and more.
  • Considers operational factors like facility layout, temperature, humidity, and even your cows’ walking distance to the milking parlor.


Meeting Maximum Profitability

MAX goes to work helping you focus on achieving your most important goal – profitability (that means increasing milk component efficiency and not just producing more milk).

MAX examines the economic value of feed ingredients to find the most cost-effective nutrition solution. MAX also helps your consultant use operational factors such as temperature and your cows’ walking distance to the milking parlor and translates them into what’s best for your income over feed costs. 


Creating Predictable Performance

MAX features a powerful prediction engine your consultant can use to forecast scenarios and plan for future goals – this includes running  “what if” scenarios.

MAX makes sure you can see the impact of a change on the herd before it is made. The result? Helping you dial into the correct blend of nutrients at the best cost – so that you can meet, or exceed, your goals.


Reacting with Real-Time Feedback

MAX’s dynamic closed-loop feedback system gives your consultant insight into your current production by analyzing your on-farm forage data. This helps your consultant create a customized nutrition plan and identify the nutrients you need to balance your ration.

MAX continuously examines the nutrient quality of every ingredient from every supplier in the Cargill global nutrition network. This means your consultant knows in real-time that you’re getting the right nutrients for the right price.


The Power of MAX

The power of MAX allows your Cargill consultant to guide you towards a future of higher-quality milk, more profitable production, and an organized operation designed for anything the future throws at it.