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Insights, Services and Products to Support Your Poultry Business

Cargill Animal Nutrition brings poultry nutrition, health and performance together under one roof for our customers. With an integrated team and nutritional expertise and tailored plans built on data-driven insights, Cargill Animal Nutrition helps customers get ahead of day-to-day challenges.

Cargill Animal Nutrition provides products and solutions to help customers confidently make the best business decisions that deliver performance. Tailor-made solutions are possible through access, connections, and flexibility to adapt to customer needs.

Complete Feed

Cargill Animal Nutrition offers complete feed manufacturing with blending and toll-milling capabilities. Our complete feeds provide nutrition at the right price with repeatable results. Cargill Animal Nutrition can produce bulk complete feed including conventional and OMRI certified feeds.

Poultry Complete Feeds


Tailored premix solutions provide essential vitamins and minerals to meet and excel the genetic potential of your birds.

This includes:

  • Precise balance of vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet

  • Customized options for different poultry species and production stages.

  • Quality assurance for your operation and brand

Poultry Premix

Ingredient Sourcing

Ingredient sourcing offers additional value – resulting in time and cost savings. Backed by the power of Cargill’s global network and knowledgeable team members, ingredient sourcing provides reliable consistent supply at competitive costs tailored to your business needs. It is for low-cost (volume), purchasing power, economy of scale and reliable supply.

This includes:

  • Supply chain expertise
  • Risk management and supply continuation options
  • North American or International options
  • Amino acid and ingredient offerings

Poultry ingredient sourcing