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Insights, Services and Products to Support Your Feedlot Systems

Don’t allow the variables of finishing cattle to restrict your ability to run a profitable and sustainable feedlot. Talk with our team of consultants and nutritionists about assessing your entire feedlot business. They go beyond nutrition to give you comprehensive solutions with a clear understanding of where to best integrate technology, tools, expertise, and services.

As you work to formulate the right ration at the right cost to achieve your system goals, it’s vital to understand each of the nutrients you make available to your herd. Cargill nutrient analysis provides you with a thorough grasp of ingredient nutrient profiles, aggregated to create averages over a period of time. You gain a rapid, holistic view of nutrient variability, enabling better decision-making. 

Cargill Nutrition Cloud

The Cargill Nutrition Cloud, a connected and dynamic cloud-based nutrition program, creates efficiencies in the ingredient and nutrient supply chain. It maximizes feedlot profitability and optimizes nutrition through better animal performance, decision making, and operational excellence.

  • Facilitates rapid analysis of ingredients and supplier information

  • Provides analysis on nutrients and trends

  • Directly imports nutrients into beef MAX™ 

  • Access this cloud-based platform from anywhere

  • Analyze nutrient samples onsite through handheld NIR device

  • Gain complete ingredient understanding with Nutrient Analysis   

Cargill Nutrition Cloud