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Altosid® IGR XRB

Season-Long Horn Fly Control from a Single Application Bolus


Altosid® IGR XRB

Season-Long Horn Fly Control from a Single Application

The constant biting of horn flies inflicts excessive stress on cattle and affects overall weight gain and production.

Cattle are vulnerable to horn fly populations and the diseases they spread, such as mastitis. Blind quarters in the udders, caused by this disease, can seriously hinder milk production and affect the entire operation. Cargill has partnered with Central Life Sciences to develop a fly control bolus containing Altosid® IGR to help give cattle producers more flexibility and options when it comes to horn fly control. As the only one-time use, orally administer fly control solution for cattle producers, the Altosid® IGR XRB provides cattle consistent, season-long fly control regardless of mineral consumption or location, lasting up to 195 days. Altosid® IGR has historically been available in several different feed-through options, and now available in a bolus. The delivery mechanism has changed; effectiveness of the horn-fly control has not.



Fly Control Bolus

Altosid® IGR XRB delivers horn fly control with the same method utilized in the rest of Altosid® IGR product line, relying on the animal to distribute the active ingredient in the manure. After the bolus is orally administered, it settles into the cow’s rumen where it will dissolve over time, releasing the active ingredient, (S)-methoprene, consistently for up to 195 days. This ensures that cows receive consistent, season-long horn fly control. The active ingredient is then passed through to the cow’s manure where horn flies lay eggs. By disrupting the horn fly life cycle, it effectively prevents the development of pupae into biting adult flies. 


Altosid IGR XRB

By employing proper horn fly control, such as Altosid® IGR XRB treatment program, producers can protect their cattle’s health and productivity for both present and future generations.


Features & Benefits:

  • Breaks the horn fly cycle with the active ingredient (S)-Methoprene

  • Produces a strong ROI with weight gains up to 15% higher vs. untreated cattle*

  • No impact on beneficial insects and non-target species

  • Offers customers more flexibility when it comes to horn fly control

  • Provides reductions in horn flies which cause heifer mastitis and blind quarters


Altosid - Info sheet

Altosid - FAQs



Interested in purchasing Altosid® IGR XRB?

The following list of dealers have ordered Altosid® IGR XRB and will begin selling mid-February, while supplies last.

Cattlemen's Feed & Ranch Supply Polk City, FL
W & W Supply Co of Florida Inc. Okeechobee, FL
Glisson's Animal Supply Sebring, FL
Okeechobee Feed Inc. Okeechobee, FL
Davidson Feed & Supply Braddyville, IA
Midwest Livestock Larchwood, IA
Beachner Grain Inc. Parsons, KS
CJ Feed & Supply Paola, KS
Allen County Farmers Scottsville, KY
Clark Coop Inc Winchester, KY
Georgetown Coop Georgetown, KY
SSC Richmond Richmond, KY
SSC Stanford Service Stanford, KY
Farm Pro Nonett, MO
Hirsch Feed & Farm Supply-Thayer Thayer, MO
Shawneetown Feed & Seed Jackson, MO
Gatlin Feed Bogue Chitto, MS
Farmers Coop Tahlequah, OK
Stillwater Milling Co. Claremore, OK
Apache Farmers Coop Association Apache, OK
Big Country Farm CTR Mineola, TX
Davis Feed & Fertilizer Buffalo, TX
Jacoby Feed & Seed Melvin, TX
Standley Feed & Seed Madisonville, YX
The Boyce Feed and Grain Waxahachie, TX
EverGRO - Orange Brand Orange, VA


If you are unable to locate Altosid® IGR XRB and would like to join our distribution waitlist, please complete our waitlist form at the link below. You will be notified via email when supply is available. 

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