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Ranger® Limiter Technology

It's Your Cattle, Forage, Feed, Time. Do it, Your Way.

Ranger® Limiter is Cargill's proprietary technology that works with your forages and feeding program to meet your animal performance goals in a self-fed format. Ranger provides versatility to fit a variety of commodities and feed ingredients while optimizing performance and the right gain for your cattle and operation. Let Ranger help you do it your way.

Designed for the cattlemen who want their cattle to get more pounds per animal per acre with the right kind of gain. Feeding Ranger is less labor-intense than hand-feeding. While being more efficient with your feed, producers spend less time overall and earn more in pounds at selling. Producers who are in the purebred business, feeding bulls, developing heifers, or maintaining efficient gain see the best use of the product.


Ranger® is available in three primary offerings:

  • Ranger® Limiter Concentrate

  • Ranger® Limiter Blender

  • Ranger® Limiter Complete Feed

For more information, please look at our Ranger Frequently Asked Questions 


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Is Ranger Limiter right for me?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I spending too much time hand feeding cattle?

  • Alternative: Would I rather do something else with the time I'm spending hand-feeding cattle?

  • Do I want my cattle to meet target gains when they need to?

  • Am I interested in a safer way to feed cattle that doesn’t involve being on foot in their pen daily?

  • Is there plenty of forage available?

Ranger Limiter

Ask your local Cargill representative or local dealer today how Ranger® Limiter Technology can help you. Contact Us Online

Ranger Limiter - Williams Ranch

With a lot of cattle and few employees, Ranger® Limiter saves the Williams Ranch time and labor.

Ranger Limiter - Grandview Angus

Ranger® Limiter helps Grandview Angus reduce costs and optimize their bulls’ genetic potential.

Ranger Limiter - Standley Feed

The flexibility of Ranger® Limiter lets Standley Feed create versatile products to help their customers succeed.

Ranger Limiter - United Farmers Cooperative

Having Ranger® Limiter BP in their mill enables United Farmers Cooperative to serve a wide variety of local cattle customers.

Product Options Designed for Works with Highlights
Ranger® Limiter Concentrate, Ranger® Limiter Blender & Ranger® Limiter BP Operations with mixing capabilities and grain or commodities available
  • Weaned calves
  • Bulls
  • Heifers
  • Steers
  • Mature Cows
  • 26% (Blender – higher inclusion rate) & 32% (Concentrate – lower inclusion rate) crude protein pellet designed to be mixed with grain and most grain by-products/commodities
  • Complete vitamin and mineral pack
  • Ranger BP is designed for diets with high DDG inclusion
Ranger® Limiter Complete Operations without mixing capabilities and/or looking for a complete feed
  • Weaned calves
  • Bulls
  • Heifers
  • Steers
  • Mature cows
  • Complete nutrient package
  • Five product options to meet a variety of scenarios and producer goals
Ranger® Limiter Complete Creep Operations without mixing capabilities and/or looking for a creep feed
  • Nursing calves
  • Complete vitamin and mineral pack