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Fresta™ F


Fresta F

Fresta F

Fresta™ F maximizes sow and piglet performance during lactation.

You shouldn’t have to accept reduced feed intake as a normal part of the lactation phase. In fact, Fresta F can help improve both sow and piglet performance during this time.

A recent customer trial showed the following results when sows were fed Fresta F*:

  • 8.5% greater lactation ADFI
  • Numerically greater backfat at weaning
  • Weaned +0.26 more pigs
  • Weaned +4.0 kg heavier litters
  • Greater subsequent conception rates 

Fresta F Customer Trial

Fresta F customer trial report

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Re-think Sow Nutrition
in the Summer

Heat stress in the summer months can impact productivity, especially for sows in lactation. This is the time when maintaining high feed intake is challenging but feeding and management strategies can help alleviate the effects of heat stress.

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Don't miss out on achieving similar results with Fresta F today. Proven to perform under pressure.

*McGhee, M., Pilcher, C., Frederick, B., & Moran, K. (n.d.). Phytogenic feed additive increased sow lactation average daily feed intake, litter weaning weight, and subsequent conception rate when fed in summer environmental conditions. Journal of Animal Science. Paper submitted for publication.