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Insights, Services and Products to Support Your Operation

Cargill wants to help you build your best pork system. We integrate nutrition expertise and industry-leading technology with hands-on guidance to help you achieve your production and business goals. 

As you work to formulate the right diet at the right cost to achieve your system goals, it's vital to understand the nutrients you make available from sows through the nursery and finisher phases. Through the use of Cargill Nutrition System and other tools, we'll help you analyze the nutrients in your ingredients and to find the right supplier in the most thorough and accurate way possible. 


Nutrient Analysis

Through science, technology and on-farm expertise, Cargill supports ingredient sourcing and nutrient analysis, whether you need complete feed, premix or concentrates. 

  • Software to manage sampling 

  • Understand nutrient trends of ingredients 

  • Connects nutrients to formulation systems 

  • Part of the Cargill Nutrition Cloud

Supplier Selection

Find supplier detail combined with ingredient availability, diet content and cost modelled into multiple feeding scenarios with a ‘what if’ feature to help us guide you towards the best decisions for your production and profit goals.  

  • Analysis to show relative value of different suppliers of an ingredient specific to your diet and freight 
  • Available as a self-serve portal or with consulting support from Cargill 
  • Part of the Cargill Nutrition Cloud