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Young Animal Nutrition

Young Animal Nutrition

You don't have to navigate nursery health alone

If you have concerns about your nursery system, need fresh ideas, or just want a different perspective, that’s understandable. Just remember, you don’t have to navigate nursery health alone.


We're here to help

How? By taking a consultative approach to young animal nutrition. Focusing on understanding your business before delivering solutions to support your business. Looking at the big picture of your operation and animal health. Doing whatever it takes to thoroughly understand your goals. Before we talk with you about improving animal health through nutrition, we talk things through.


Our Approach: Health x Nutrition

Health x Nutrition is Cargill’s approach to the nutritional support of disease-challenged pigs. By leveraging the content of our diets we aim to support decreased morbidity and mortality and potentially decrease antimicrobial treatment duration or number of required individual treatments.


Cargill Solutions


Cargill's Nurture Program is based on research that led to a focus on feeding pigs based on their age rather than weight. Nurture is our young pig program that can also be tailored around the health status of each flow. 

Learn more about Nurture

Custom Offerings

We offer customized solutions for your specific challenges. This includes technology packs, nutritional products, and additive packs. Please talk to a Cargill rep to learn more about our custom offerings. 


We offer standalone additives to fit your specific needs. Our young animal additives include:


Provisoy™ is a standalone ingredient to help make the weaning period less challenging. Provisoy is a soy protein specialty ingredient that uses multiple modes of action to help piglets efficiently digest protein, enabling optimal gut health, improved stool quality, efficient and uniform growth, and more profit potential. 

Learn more about Provisoy.


Let's solve challenges together.

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