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Upgrade™ your profitability

UpGrade™ your profitability.

You can't afford not to.

Don't feed an ordinary diet to your dairy beef crossbred animals. They are valuable. They diversify your farm income. Are you maximizing profit? UpGrade Dairy x Beef Approach combines the knowledge of your Cargill Dairy Focus Consultant and their Cargill Beef Nutrition counterpart to feed a custom ration formulated specifically to keep your dairy origin beef animals healthy and gaining. Why pay to do it any other way?

Why UpGrade with Cargill?


UpGrade Dairy x Beef Approach applies industry-leading expertise in the dairy origin beef animal space through partnership of Cargill’s feedlot and dairy nutrition teams. Cargill’s diverse expertise ensures feeding and management practices are practical in a dairy system while also promoting profitability through exclusive access to the Cargill’s Beef Feedlot team. Cargill is unique; spanning the food chain from on farm dairy production to feedlots and protein processing.

Custom Formulations

Producers utilizing the UpGrade Dairy x Beef Approach receive custom rations formulated for their goals to maximize profit on dairy origin beef animals. These rations are powered by the proven dairy MAX and beef MAX nutrition software. These programs combined give Cargill Consultants the clarity needed to add more precision and profitability to your nutrition.


Encourage consistent performance in dairy origin beef animals 400 pounds to finish with the UpGrade Dairy x Beef Approach. Animals fed with the UpGrade are supported by Cargill’s unique expertise to ensure transitions happen smoothly to minimize health challenges and maximize profit.

Explore the Approach

Considerations for Feeding Dairy Cross Calves Solutions

The number of dairy origin beef animals in the United States is on the rise. Together, the Cargill dairy and beef nutrition teams, are collaborating to solve the challenges associated with feeding dairy origin beef animals through our UpGrade Dairy x Beef Approach.


Realities of Dairy Cross Cattle in the Feedlot

Dairy origin beef animals are important to the beef supply chain, but they may bring challenges to feeders and cattle buyers. It is key to understand and seek opportunities to reduce the impact these challenges have on your dairy origin beef animals. The UpGrade Dairy x Beef Approach offers well-rounded nutrition to help maximize profit on dairy origin animals and encourage consistent performance from 400 pounds to finish.


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